Friday, April 16, 2010

If there's one thing the girl can do...

It's eat! 
Being a feeding therapist, I am consistently thankful that my children eat well.  I can see what a blessing it is to not have to deal with that kind of stress multiple times a day. 

But there is one area that my kids don't seem to be motivated in. 

Y'all know I was extremely anxious about H's lack of desire to move for the first 11 months of his life.  With Charlotte, I've been much less stressed about this.  She's turned out to be pretty similar to him in this area, but I kept thinking, Hunter's gross motor skills are completely normal now, so she'll be fine.  Then I was reading my friend Courtney's blog several weeks ago and saw that her daughter is doing TONS of things that Char isn't even close too (and Teagan is a little over a month behind Char in age). 

I started thinking, and realized pretty quickly that Charlotte doesn't really do any gross motor activity without assistance.  She'll sit if you put her in sitting...and will sit there all day long without getting out of it.  The house could burn down and the girl wouldn't move.  She'll roll with assistance and coaxing, but not often. She'll stand holding a table for a little while, but won't try to pull up to it.  And don't even dream of crawling...even army crawling. 

So I started asking questions at work and 2 of my sweet friends (one OT and one PT) did a quick eval at work yesterday.  It's always bothered me that Charlotte doesn't like to bring her arms to midline.  When you hold her she holds them out like she's flying, which is apparently because her trunk is weak and she's trying to stabilize herself.  My friends showed me several trunk strengthening exercises to do, and recommended that I ask her doctor for a therapy script if she's not better before her 9 month appointment in a couple of weeks.  Of course she worked perfectly for Mercy and Melissa during the eval, but when James and I tried to do the exercises tonight, she fought us.  Hard.  We'll see how it goes.

So OT/PT might be in her future, but at least she'll never have feeding therapy... 
How cute is she?!


Rikki said...

well, out of all the therapist/moms i know, most of us have had some kind of therapy or intervention for our kiddos! i have to say, i am much less anxious about violet's development since we have begun therapy. it feels better to "do something" than to "wait and see" for me. one thing's for sure, charlotte doesn't need "cute" therapy!

The Miss' Momma said...

My kids are crazy movers!! I really do think Teagan will walk sooner than Payton... not that I want that to happen, but the pulling up and falling down on the coffee table isn't the best for her noggin' ;)

Char will move on her own time!!

abby said...

she looks like an angel!! She is so beautiful!