Thursday, September 3, 2009

Big Baby Bows

I've always been a girly girl. From a very young age, I loved to get dressed up in frilly, sequiny things and was drawn to all things sparkly. To my mother's horror, I always begged for those terribly gaudy sequin purses in department stores as a preschooler. Obviously she always said no to this request.

There are many pictures of me as a young child posing with my hand on my hips dressed in my dance costumes or wearing these star-shaped glasses I had. There's even one of me standing in front of my older sister and older cousins striking a pose with them copying me in the background. I'm sure I insisted that we all pose together for the picture, because how cute would that be! Oh wait, that was actually during my high school and college years:)

So when we found out we were having a girl, I immediately got super excited about all of the girly clothes and huge bows I got to put on her head...and of course now that she's here, she would hate said bows. I am persistent though, because who can resist the cuteness that only a big bow on a baby girl can bring?

My goal is for her to love them by the time she's old enough to appreciate all things frilly. I figure the more I put them on her, the quicker she'll be desensitized, so be looking forward to many more bow pictures...probably on top of a screaming Charlotte's head. You have to admit a bow on a screaming baby is cuter than no bow at all.


The Hunter Family said...

I totally agree! We start the bows from birth so that they kind of become a permanent appendage. Just a month or two ago, Tori started trying to put her bows on her head by herself. You gotta love it!

zum the mum said...

You go girl! Train them while they're young. They will learn. Persistence is the key!

She is precious. Keep the pictures coming. Hope all is well!

Ashlee Fort said...

Carole if you ever need anything made to match let me know. I make bows and would be happy to help. I will say that Milla went through a stage that she hated bows (mainly the headband) but now she loves them and puts them on herself. We got really good at putting them on for our daily pictures when she was little.