Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Barney's New Competition

So I bought this $1 ball for Hunter at Walmart last night, and it has fast become his favorite toy, his new BFF even. Now, when I say favorite, what I really mean is, well, favorite. He must have it. He needs it. He could easily be addicted to it in the near future. If he had his choice, he'd never separate from it ALL.DAY.LONG.

I gave it to him this morning, and he walked through the house holding it until it was time to leave. We put on socks and shoes with the ball and put on the jacket with the ball (which was not an easy task) and left the house with the ball (pick your battles, right?) and got into the car with the ball and drove the entire 15 minute drive to school with the ball. He didn't let go one single time.

Here we are getting into the car for school...
(Hunter's created a new game for our morning routine. It goes something like this: Hunter runs around laughing hysterically, and I chase him - with my hands full - while trying to stay calm. We got to play this game with the ball today.)I know. Best "you can't catch me" face ever.

Here's my kid as we pulled up to school...Told ya. This is what I saw in the rear view mirror the whole drive over.

Luckily he didn't put up too much of a fight when we got to school and I had to explain that the ball was going to stay in the car. He did have a very, very sad look on his sweet face though, and the minute we got back into the car when I picked him up from school, he grabbed his ball and held it the entire way home.


Katie said...

That is too funny! I wondered why Hunter had a ball in the car when ya'll came by earlier.

Adam and Vel said...

So cute!!
I read the post where you mentioned he throws things away. That brought back memories of Max about 6 months ago. He loved to throw things away. I remember opening the trashcan to throw something away and find about 10 clean diapers in there. I never saw him do it and it made me wonder what other treasures we lost that way.

Rikki said...

one day charlie held on to a helium balloon for 4.5 hours! he held the little string while he ate, while he took a bath, and when we changed clothes. he took it to his crib too...i had to sneak in there after he was asleep and pull it out of his hand so it wouldn't be a strangulation hazard! little boys are so funny!

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